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Rowdy PREbiotics

Give your gut something to smile about! Rowdy Prebiotic Foods is committed to creating balanced, delicious foods loaded with PREbiotics and natural good-for-you ingredients to help restore and maintain digestive happiness.

PRObiotics are naturally found in many foods we already eat like yogurt, dark chocolate, sourdough bread and olives. But PREbiotics are a little more rare. Creating delicious products packed with PREbiotics makes it easy to get a nice belly boost!

We harness the power of an amazing super food called Yacon Root. This secret root was famously used by the Incas as medicine and is not only loaded with PREbiotics but is naturally sweet, low-glycemic, supports liver health and more.

We keep our recipes simple and our formulations clean. We hand-select and source ingredients looking for the highest-quality. We are also focused on keeping the junk out – that means no chemicals, no artificial flavors and no-nonsense.

We believe healthy food doesn’t have to taste like “health food.” We’re focused on formulating foods that are beneficial and delicious. If taste is all that matters to you, you can be sure we have that base covered.

We’re in the lab!

We’re working on our next food formulation. Stay in-the-know about our next release and receive company updates and promotions.

Rowdy is on the rise. But while we’re busy formulating new delicious products we’d love to pick that big brain of yours to get some more insight on what you’re in to. Take our survey, answer some quick questions and help guide the future!

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