Maximize Your Energy (And Your Healthy Choices)

Nowadays, the way we eat is less 3-square-meals and more grab-n-go, but that doesn’t mean we should skimp out on key nutrients. Our clean ingredients work together to create the anytime bar for reliable, lasting energy and nutrition.


Only 8 whole food ingredients you can pronounce. We kept the junk out and left only deliciousness behind.

  • Contains Organic Cashews
  • Egg White Protein
  • Organic Coconut
  • Organic Yacon Syrup
  • Organic Tapioca Syrup 
  • Organic Chocolate
  • Organic Flax Meal
  • Organic Coconut Oil

PRObiotics are naturally found in many foods we already eat like yogurt, dark chocolate, sourdough bread and olives. But PREbiotics are a little more rare. Creating delicious products packed with PREbiotics makes it easy to get a nice belly boost!

We harness the power of an amazing super food called Yacon Root. This secret root was famously used by the Incas as medicine and is not only loaded with PREbiotics but is naturally sweet, low-glycemic, supports liver health and more.


We keep our recipes simple and our formulations clean. We hand-select and source ingredients looking for the highest-quality. We are also focused on keeping the junk out – that means no chemicals, no artificial flavors and no-nonsense.

We believe healthy food doesn’t have to taste like “health food.” We’re focused on formulating foods that are beneficial and delicious. If taste is all that matters to you, you can be sure we have that base covered.


The Chocolate Coconut Cashew Rowdy Bar is not only delicious but famous for being:

  • The perfect bar for backpacking – sustainable energy and travel-friendly
  • A Paleo-Friendly Food
  • A Low-Glycemic Food
  • Compatible with Whole30


Buy Chocolate Coconut Cashew Rowdy Bars online. Try a single box of 12 bars or order Rowdy on the regular with the Rowdy Bunch subscription program.